LIF Scheme Criteria 

1. All businesses must be financially viable.

2. The business complies with all appropriate regulatory requirements, enforcement policies and service standards applicable to its business sector, including registration with the Inland Revenue for tax purposes.

3.  You should apply to the Council within which your project is to take place.  If your project will be spread across more than one of the four Counties covered by LIF, you should apply to the County in which your main base is located and make the situation clear at the time of application.  Projects which include elements outside these four Counties cannot be considered for grant.

4. You must provide three competitive quotations for all proposed purchases. Where the project includes building or adaptation work of any description such quotations will be required from competent building contractors. All electrical work must be carried out by a NICEIC or similarly approved contractor.

5. The Council reserves the right to contact any of the businesses submitting quotations in support of a bid, if clarification is required.

6. You will not receive grant for any part of the project undertaken by yourself or your business (whether wholly or part owned). The Council must be informed of any personal, family or business connection between you/your agent and a supplier/contractor.

7.  It is your responsibility to ensure that planning permission and all other relevant statutory permissions have been obtained / complied with before your application is submitted.  You will need to submit evidence of  this.  Your business or works must also obtain and comply with any other relevant licenses/permits/requirements, e.g. Health & Safety, and the asset(s) must not be used, or permitted to be used, contrary to law or any regulation/bye-law at the time being in force. Grant approval relates to expenditure only and does not convey approval of any other kind. No work whatsoever should commence on any building until the required approvals have been obtained. Grant cannot be paid for work that has already commenced or equipment already bought.

8. You should not be significantly in arrears with any payments due to the Council. Where you or your business is locating into the area, the Council may also make appropriate checks with partner authorities.

9. The Council may check whether you have a County Court Judgment.

10. In the case of a project involving refurbishment/adaptation works to a  building held on lease, the remaining period of the lease, on the day of receipt of the application, must be for a minimum of 5 years. Evidence of the landlord's approval shall also be required.
11. The following costs are ineligible for grant support:
● purchase of land and/or property
● purchase of on-road vehicles
● professional fees
● purchase or installation of ornamental features, e.g. murals, flower beds, statues.
● residential accommodation
● non-capital marketing costs
• general repairs, maintenance and/or running costs
• projects being undertaken solely to comply with statutory regulations
● staff costs
● recoverable VAT
● stock purchases
● acquisition of assets under hire purchase, extended credit agreements or lease

12. Any signage for which grant funding is given must be bilingual (Welsh/English).

13. You are responsible for ensuring that any rates, assessments, charges or other outgoings payable in respect of the project are defrayed.

14. The Council's authorised agent must be permitted at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises and view the state and condition of the asset(s) and inspect/examine any books, records or documents relevant to the project.

15. You must not assign, demise, under let or otherwise part with possession of the whole or any part of the asset(s).

16. You will need to insure grant aided asset(s), and keep them insured, against loss or damage, to the full replacement value. If damage occurs during the grant contract period and in the opinion of the insurer it is not economic for such damage to be made good, all insurance monies payable shall be applied in making good the loss or damage. All premiums are to be paid and you should produce the receipts to the Council if requested.  You must also do everything necessary to maintain the insurance cover in full effect and not do anything whereby the cover may be invalidated.

17. Grant money will be paid out subject to:

• The completion of a project involving building work and certification by the Building Control Section (or similar) of the Council that the work is satisfactory.
• The submission to the Council of relevant supporting documentation.

18. Where job creation is part of the grant award a list of all relevant employees, with National Insurance numbers must be provided. For grant purposes a 'new job' is any full time post in the business in whichever capacity, a new self employed job or jobs created by a business locating into the County. ‘Full time’ means a minimum 30 hrs per week. Two part- time posts with hours totalling 30 per week or more may be accepted as one full time job equivalent.

19. New businesses in receipt of grant aid must trade for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

20. You must agree not to do, or omit to do, or suffer to be done, anything which may cause the asset(s) to be forfeited or repossessed or may endanger this.

21. It is acceptable to buy plant, machinery or equipment second hand, on condition that the price is fair and that it is not the subject of previously funded EU Monies.

22. The Council reserves the right to publicise the awarding of grant support.

23. Any press or media coverage arranged by you relating to the project should include a reference to the Council and European Union financial assistance.


24. Once a grant has been approved no additional items can be included in the claim unless agreed by the Council.  If the total expenditure is less than previously predicted (project cost within bid) the grant will be reduced pro rata.  VAT can be claimed if applicant is not VAT registered.  The Council must be informed of any change in the project and written approval obtained for such change.

25. During the 3yr grant contract period the Council may visit your premises in order to carry out a monitoring inspection of the business and grant aided asset(s). 

26.  The grant is discretionary and the Council's decision is final.